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22 de August, 2013 | Visto 87 views

Truck or Treat

Truck or Treatdrive your truck through the Halloween decor use the arrows left/right

22 de August, 2013 | Visto 60 views

Multiplayer 8Ball Pool

Multiplayer 8Ball PoolMultiplayer 8Ball Pool (US Rules). Play 8ball pool with your read friends online without any registration!
Eight-ball, sometimes called stripes and solids and, more rarely, bigs and littles or highs and lows, is a pool game popular in much of the world, and the subject of international amateur and professional competition. Played on a pool table with six pockets, the game is so universally known in some countries that beginners are often unaware of other pool games and believe the word “pool” itself refers to eight-ball. The game has numerous variations, including Alabama eight-ball, crazy eight, English eight-ball pool, last pocket, misery, Missouri, 1 and 15 in the sides, rotation eight ball, soft eight, and others. Standard eight-ball is the second most competitive professional pool game, after nine-ball and for the last several decades ahead of straight pool. Eight-ball is played with sixteen balls: a cue ball, and fifteen object balls consisting of seven striped balls, seven solid balls and the black 8 ball. After the balls are scattered on a break shot, the players are assigned either the group of solid balls or the stripes once a ball from a particular group is legally pocketed. use your mouse to play

22 de August, 2013 | Visto 151 views

Pet season

Pet seasonCatch animals in this mind-crushing puzzle game. Gather animals and keep track of what you have on the rope. Two in-game modes are available : timed and story. Use the mouse to control the rope and collect animals. Four special tools are availbale to help you.Use keyboard number keys or the buttons on screen to use them.

22 de August, 2013 | Visto 48 views

Reaction Master

Reaction MasterBe fast! Avoid the black frame and all moving boxes.

22 de August, 2013 | Visto 141 views


PhraseFindLiteFun puzzling game, figure out the phrases from the clues! Howto ingame

22 de August, 2013 | Visto 41 views

Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle

Halloween Jigsaw PuzzleDear Kids, BobiBobi has prepared a game for you. Does the hidden picture show pumpkin ghosts or maybe kids dressed in Halloween costumes? Probably it’s the kids that are happy for the upcoming holiday because they can get many sweets playing “Trick or Treat”. You play using the mouse. Click on the piece and drag it to the proper place on the target image.

22 de August, 2013 | Visto 89 views

Halloween Pumpkin Launch

Halloween Pumpkin LaunchShoot the pumpkin with your cannon as far as possible. Earn money and unlock achievements, buy upgrades for your cannon and pumpkin and buy new skills. Click and keep the mouse down to shoot and set the cannon power. When Magic Wand upgrade unlocked click the mouse to shoot the pumpkin. Press spacebar to use the magic propulsion after it is unlocked from the upgrades screen.

22 de August, 2013 | Visto 107 views

Girly Pink Room

Girly Pink RoomBarbie loves the pink style so she bought many items for her room. She want to change the room`s style because she got bored and she loves new things. Will you help her fixing her items in right places? Enjoy this lovely game and have fun!

22 de August, 2013 | Visto 28 views

You are your own enemy

You are your own enemyIn this little space shooter the player controls the spaceship AND the turrets too.

You score points by surviving and by shooting! Control the spaceship with mouse and the turrets with the arrow keys. You can play it alone or with a friend, but you score more if you survive more.

22 de August, 2013 | Visto 20 views

Lights Off v2

Lights Off v2A clone of the classic Lights Out game by Tiger Electronics. Complete with a highscore table. Objective of the game is to turn all of the lights off. Use the mouse to click a light to advance towards turning them off.

22 de August, 2013 | Visto 149 views

Guess The Element

Guess The ElementScience Is Fun! – You have 5 minutes to guess as many element names as you can! Press Start and type away!

When you get a element correct you will see it appear in the table.

(Spelling used in this game is UK English, an example of this is USA = Allunium where as UK = Aluminum)

You get 5 minutes, try to guess as many as you can then subbmit your score!

22 de August, 2013 | Visto 54 views

Spanish Room Escape

Spanish Room EscapeThis time you must escape from spanish room.

22 de August, 2013 | Visto 40 views

Smile Infection

Smile InfectionHappiness is contagious! Use your skills and your aim to bring happiness to a world of sad faces. 3 modes of 20 levels of physics-based fun to keep you occupied as you use precision and power to bounce your way to bliss!

Normal mode : Hit sad faces in order to make them smile.

1 Hit mode : Similar to normal mode, but you only have one shot!

Collection mode : Collect medals while avoiding explosive bombs! Use your mouse to shoot your white happy face ball on sad faces balls.

22 de August, 2013 | Visto 102 views

MR.Looney Adventure

MR.Looney AdventureLooney’s helicopter is crashed and he is lost in the jungle… Help Mr.Looney to find his way back home… Use your mouse to click on objects and locations on the screen to progress through the game. If lost you can view the walkthrough video.

22 de August, 2013 | Visto 56 views

Animals Coloring Book

Animals Coloring BookCool animals coloring book game.

22 de August, 2013 | Visto 28 views

Nurse Coloring Book

Nurse Coloring BookCool Nurse coloring book game.

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