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22 de August, 2013 | Visto 88 views

Truck or Treat

Truck or Treatdrive your truck through the Halloween decor use the arrows left/right

22 de August, 2013 | Visto 89 views

Bike Wheeling

Bike WheelingFirst Fix your Bike wherein you have limited time of 60 secs to do it. After fixing the bike, choose your favorite color and start wheeling the bike for competition. Use your mouse to fix the bike. Use Arrow keys to wheel the bike.

22 de August, 2013 | Visto 40 views

Park Havok

Park HavokRace around the track, hit as many pedestrians as you can. Go as fast as possible, and hit as many pedestrians as you can, without loosing much time.

22 de August, 2013 | Visto 16 views

Ducky Duck: Save duck from the red balls in pool

Ducky Duck: Save duck from the red balls in poolSave the duck from fury of red balls, collect pink and green balls, handle the speedy levels of incoming balls. Pink and Green are bonus balls, they get you more score, there are only five lives, score as much as you can before you lose them all. Play Ducky Duck and leave suggestions.

13 de August, 2013 | Visto 239 views

3D Drag Racer

3D Drag Racer3D Drag Racer is a less then 60 seconds game which you have to drag in the minimum available time to get the maximum available speed and cross the finish line as quickest as possible! Hit the “A” to geat up, hit the “Z” key to gear down! and use forward key for accelerate!

13 de August, 2013 | Visto 8 views

ptyans mototrikes

ptyans mototrikesFunny racing game. Mounts, dirt, jump pads and other different obstacles. Collect bonuses and buffs. Space – drive, Up/Down arrows – shifting up/down, Left/Right arrows – pitching back/forward when on ground or fly. You can get some bonuses when rotate 360 on fly and special bonuses when do combo trick: 1 combo – 500 pts; 2 combo – 1000 pts; 3 combo – you will become the hero for some time. Dirt reduces 50% speed, stubs will break you, jump pads gives the chance to jump through the big dirt pools. AntiDirt buff (green wheel) gives you stability to a dirt. AntiHit buff (blue shield) gives you invulnerability.
AntiOverheat buff (red bag) reduces risk of an overheat to 0%.

13 de August, 2013 | Visto 78 views

Super Biker

Super BikerSuper Biker is a crazy bike racing game. Use LEFT and RIGHT arrow to control your bike.
Use UP and DOWN arrow to change speed.
Try to collect maximum coins from your way.
Avoid crashes with other vehicles, side footpath wall and gutter.
Use space bar to jump over gutter for saving life.

13 de August, 2013 | Visto 32 views

Devilish Racer

Devilish RacerGreat motorbike stunts free online game by The Racer from the Hell rushes at full speed along dens of iniquity. I dare you to take part I this extreme physics controlling and bike maneuvering game. Use arrows and space to rule.

13 de August, 2013 | Visto 84 views

Lamborghini Fixing

Lamborghini FixingLamborghini fixing game is for those who loves to fix their cars in their own style. You have limited time here. So be fast. The less time you take to fix it, the more you score. Play with different themes and designs after fixing your favorite car. Use your mouse to fix the car

13 de August, 2013 | Visto 60 views

Race 3D

Race 3DFully 3D back view race. Win against 2 opponents. They are really cool! Simply win the race!
Use mouse to press in-game buttons and arrows/wsad-keys to drive your car.

13 de August, 2013 | Visto 1 views

Snot Factory

Snot FactoryYou are a snot bubble driver. Shoot to the other snot bubbles. Use WSAD or Arrows to navigate and left mouse button to shoot.

13 de August, 2013 | Visto 35 views

Total Drift

Total Driftuse your engine power for this total drift ride! use the arrows to move around

13 de August, 2013 | Visto 7 views

Scurvey Sanchez Racing

Scurvey Sanchez RacingThis is a racing game starring characters from the “One Hand Writers” Scurvey Sanchez series of games.

Chose 1 racers out of 8 different characters and compete to reach first place.

Earn coins to unlock new areas and various power ups.
Race trough 3 different modes: Race, Time Attack and Coin Collect The goal is to get into first place in each race as well as gathering as many coins as you can.

Purple coins will give you boost in speed while with yellow coins you can buy parts at shop and unlock new areas. As the game auto-saves you can return and continue playing from the place you have stopped.

Hold Ctrl to accelerate the car, and arrow keys to move on the road. Try avoiding your opponents as they knock you out if you touch them as well as avoiding all various road obstcles

13 de August, 2013 | Visto 70 views

Truck Loader

Truck LoaderLoad the lorries with your amazing magnetic forklift truck! Stack everything in the right position, or the driver won’t be pleased! With 20 challenging levels and excellent physics, you’ll have your work set out for you! Move left/right – A/D or left/right arrow keys
Control arm – Use mouse to direct, left click to magnetise the arm.

13 de August, 2013 | Visto 98 views

Atomic Supercars

Atomic Supercarsdrive your super-car to the atomic speed use the arrows to move

13 de August, 2013 | Visto 18 views

Jhansis Ride

Jhansis RideJhansi ki Rani is on her horse ride session. You control the ride with the arrow keys. You should avoid incoming horse riders as well as the local people who are passing by and crossing the road. You can either avoid them by moving away or jumping over them. If you see some British officers walking by crash onto them and sent them flying. Use UP and DOWN arrow keys to move the horse and Left or Right keys to swing your sword when you have it. Hit Space key to jump. Avoid collision with these obstacles.

Smash British army personal to gain points.Try to complete all the levels.

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